Sent: Friday, February 19, 1999 8:10 AM
Subject: Picture #3

Dear Joey:

    When I look at the building I am wondering if it is the one on 14th Avenue down where ARCO field was.  I know that I lived in that building when I was young.  In fact there used to be Schneider's boat yard right next door.

    They used to make sailboats.  I remember or maybe my mother told me or both they would cut out the shape of a hull and give it to us as a toy.  I vaguely remember sliding one of the boards in the fence back to get into the boat yard.

    I remember having a lot of fun when we lived in that house.  I loved to go down to the beach there.  ARCO was a very popular family area with the beach and football games.  I remember after a football game the kid's in the area would go through the field where the spectators sat looking for money that fell out of their pocket's.  I was one of the smaller kid's and was not very lucky.

    I also remember standing on the side of the tub looking out of the window at the tug boats going up the river at night.  The light's on the boat were beautiful.

    The building and ARCO field are gone now.  I will have to look and see who has that property now.  Where ARCO field was they have a casket factory.  Also ARCO field was filled in and Recon stores car's back there.

    ARCO I think it could be AHRCO it means American Hard Rubber Company.

    Behind the red house were lower attached building's in one row. And beyond them were garages.  After that was the weeded area that led to the beach. ARCO field was along side of the house through another weeded area.  I can still picture the layout  in my mind.  I remember some of the names of the people that lived there.  The Volaski family (I am still in touch with them. Pat was one of my bridesmaids when I married Larry)  The Connelly's, Grant's, Shannahan's, Dwinn's

    As for the picture I recognize grandma and aunt Frances.   I wonder if the woman behind Aunt Francis is Louise Volaski when she was younger.  The woman along side grandma could she be a relative of our.  I see some resemblance and that smirk we get.

    Boy it's something how that stoop jogged my memory if it's the one in College Point.

What do you think?