Grandpa and the teacher!

    Well this story started the summer of 1972. I just turned 14 years old. This one weekend grandpa come to visit mom and us. We where all sitting in the kichen when grandpa started to tell us a  story about two men and a blonde,and a station wagon.  These two men and this blonde drove to grandpa's property (the montains). They where tresspassing. Well grandpa said that he caught them on his property and they should not be there. They told him "Mind your own business gramps!"  Well grandpa got that shot gun  out and began to shot at the station wagon telling the two men and the blonde to get off his land. He shot out the tires.  I don't remember to much more of grandpa story, see I left the house to go play.

    The summer is now over, and I am in the 9th grade. I remember this teacher, my math teacher,Mr Scotland. At the began of the school year for the first couple of days,he was asking all the kids want we did that summer. He told us part of his story of want he did that summer. He said that him and his wife(a brunnette by the picture he showed us) went camping and fishing, in some mountain.

    Well as school went on that year I thought that Mr Scotland was so cool!  Until after the Christmas break. When we come back, he was asking all the kids how was your Christmas?  Then he told us a story about some damn stupid old man that lived up in the moutains. He said that this crazy old man shot at his car tires and tried to kill him and his friend and his wife now a (blonde). Well while he was talking to us something hit me that I had heard this story before.I went home that night and asked my mother to call Uncle Joe Pahl. When  I asked Uncle Joe about the story that grandpa told us that passed summer, He said that it was a school teacher and two friends tresspassing on the property. I asked him if  the blonde was his wife and Uncle Joe told me that no it was not his wife. 

Marion_Claire_Anderson_young-thumbnail.jpg (6972 bytes)    The next day I went to school, when the bell rang and everybody was in the classroom. I asked Mr. Scotland, what was that crazy old man's last name. He looked at me and proudly told that it was Paul or Pahl something like that he said. Then he asked me why I was asking him. I stood up and told him that who was the blonde? He looked at me and why did  I want to know?  I told him that that crazy old man is my grandfather. His face drop to the floor, he said  "That can't be, because my name is Anderson."   I told him that my mother's maiden is Pahl.  Then in front of the whole class I told them the real story. That he was on private property with other man and someone other than his wife.  Well he tossed me out of his class and sent me to the office. At the office I told them; that Mr. Scotland did not like him because of want he did that pass summer. The prinpcle sent me back to class and Mr. Scotland and him where talking.

Marion Anderson Jowers
14 February 1999
West Palm Beach, Fl