Hands on Hips

    This story  starts in 1967, this is when my younger brother Walter was born. I remember one day Aunt Dot took mom to a doctor. Mom had not be feeling good for some time. Well when tey got back from the doctors,and daddy had come home, I heard daddy asked mom want the hell did the doctor say was wrong with you. At this Aunt Dot told me to get my father a beer. I gave me his beer they all where in the dinning room daddy was standing by the table near the kitchen where I was, dad took a sip of his beer and Aunt Dot  said "Leroy sit down, Fran (my mother) has something to tell you". Mom began to cry, I did not know why my mother crying so hard. Aunt Dot told daddy that the doctor said that yor wife is having a baby. Daddy yelled and droped his beer can, and said, "who the hell is
the father?"  Well Aunt Dot walked over to daddy and slap him so hard I throught I heard his neck  snap. I screamed, and Aunt Dot told me to go down to the school and find my brothers. I ran out of the house and ran down to the school yard to find Roy and Mike, I told Roy and Mike that Aunt Dot hit daddy and broke his neck and mommie is crying. I think Roy came home and Mike stayed with me at the school. 

    Well one night a few months later we all were watching televison and Roy had some pretzels, I took some and Roy slap me  in the face.   Mike and Roy got into a fight and Mike pick up a broom and it accidently hit mom in the stomach.  The next morning I wake up and went looking for mom and daddy they were not home. I think Roy told me that mom went to the hostipal last night. Walter was born that day 7/1/67 at 9:55 in the morning. I was 9 years old then. Shortly after Walter was born and mom went back to work. Daddy stood me in front of the stove and told me it was time for me to learn too cook. I started to cook from that point on.

    When Walter turned five years old and started school, he would always come home without something. He would walk in the house with out his jacket, raincoat,lunch box,mittens.  He would  forget something everyday!  I would have to go to school and get what ever it was he  forgot that day. The teacher sometimes would be waiting by the door for me. She always would laugh, "and say Walter did it again yeh".   

    My school was across the street from Walter's school. I remember one time Walter got mad at his teacher and walked out (in kindergarten) and came across a busy street to my school. He walked into the school and told someone that "I (with his hands on his hips)   want my sister Marion  Anderson now!"  Some one came to my classroom and told me that my kid brother was in the office, at first I laughed. The person told me that  it was not a joke. I went to the office and Walter was sitting there.

    When I walked in,  he jumped up and said,  "I left school and I what you to take me home."  I said why did  you leave school he said that he got mad at his teacher because she wanted him to dance. And he said I did not come to school to learn to dance, and told her she was stupid.

    Well I ended up taking the little  pain in my ass home. Over the first couple of years Walter would drive me nuts. I remember that  Aunt Helen  (Anderson) gave me a bottle of perfume,it was in the shape of the I dream of Jeannie bottle. Well for months I would tell Walter don't touch the bottle if you do the Jeannie would come out and get you. One day when I was at school Walter stayed home I guess he was sick.  He went in my bedroom and decided  to check out the Jeannie for himself. He pick up my perfume bottle and broke it against the wall of my bedroom.When I came home that afternoon he was waited for me (with hands on hips) and said there was no damn Jeannie in that bottle. When I walked into my bedroom the room was bathed in perfume.

Marion Anderson Jowers
15 February 1999
West Palm Beach, Fl