Marion_Claire_Anderson_young-thumbnail.jpg (6972 bytes)The Big Puppy!

I remember when I was about 3 years, and my father drove us up to the Catskills. Of cause when your 3 it was called the mountains where grandpa lived. I remember that I was not allowed off the black top. That made  me mad, because  Roy and Mike and everybody else was allowed to go anywhere.  I remember that grandpa told me that there where big animals that could hurt me. Well being who I am, I was sitting on the black top   when  I looked up  and I saw a big puppy!

Well want is a 3 year old to know, it turned out to be a  bear cub, oops no puppy there. Mom was right behind him. I also remember I don't know if it was the some year or not,  but, Uncle Joe Pahl and my mother took me and my two brothers Roy and Mike over to the pool  to go swimming. They where in the deep end, and I was in the short end of the pool. Well  Uncle Joe told me that I had enough swimming to get out of the pool. I did not want too, he pick me up out of the pool. When he turned to walk away I get back in. "He turned around and told me to get out." I told him that my daddy said that I can stay.  He pick me up out of the pool, and spanked me  I began to cry and I said that I am going to tell my daddy on you. He spanked me again,he said now you can tell him that too young lady."  (I knew there was a reason that I liked Uncle Joe! -Walter)

Marion Anderson Jowers
West Palm Beach, Fl
13 February 1999