Racoon_in_cage-thumbnail.jpg (13632 bytes)They didn't even say thank you!

    When I was 14 or 15 years old. Roy, Mike, Walter and I went upstate, I think this was around the time when grandpa sat on the traps. We went to a local farm to get a couple of five gallon containers of fresh cows milk. There wasn't enough room in the refrigerator for all of the milk so Grandpa told my brother Roy to take the containers down to the stream and put them in with a bunch of rocks to hold them.  Roy didn't do a very good job and the Racoons were able to get at the milk.  They drank all of it! Grandpa was upset about the racoons taking the milk and just making pests of them selves.  He said he was mad because they didn't say please or thank you!

    When Aunt Mary drove us up there we did not know that grandpa had his shot guns in the trailer with us there. Mom was not with us she was sick that year. (that is other story) Well that one night he got real mad at the racoons he took his shot gun out to get them, but  he missed them thank god  for that.

    Well that did not stop grandpa, he set  up  these cage traps to trap them. Well during the night I heard the trap door shut, that morning Walter and I got up early to let the racoons free. Walter and I find a long stick and open the door to the trap. There was a baby racoon in the trap, down by the lake his mother was watchng us I could see her there. We opened the door and the little thing ran out. When it got a little passed the trailer it turned and looked at us and I swear it smiled to say thank you. It was so cute! 

    When grandpa got up that morning he did not remember setting up the   trap so we did not have to tell him that we let the little baby go back to his mother.  Well to this day I really think grandpa knew that we let him go, he never said it,but you can see it in his eyes.   Grandpa we always will love you.

Marion Jowers
West Palm Beach, Fl
13 February 1999