Car Had Kittens

 Peggy and I was just dating and I had two cars A 1957 Chevy and a old 1953 Ford  I drove the Chevy most of the time and the old Ford just sat in the driveway at my apartment. One day Peggy’s car was in the shop and she borrowed the old Ford.  That evening she told me  The Ford has kittens  I can hear them Meowing”   I didn’t belive her but she kept insisting. There was no key for the trunk so  Pissed off Ray yanked the backseat out and dove into the trunk and opened the trunkf rom the inside.  THERE BEHIND THE SPARE TIRE WAS TWO OF THE CUTEST SOLID WHITE KITTENS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.And yes I did get a “I TOLD YOU SO”