One of the stories I like to tell is about the landlord of the apartment I was renting just before Peggy and I got married. I went over to pay my rent  Peggy was with me.  The man invited Peggy and I into his house and asked us to sit down.   He looked at us and asked “Why are you two getting Married” he then said “are you getting Married to have kids?  Do you have to get married”   I answered  we are getting Married because we love each other. Peggy agreed.  He went on to say “Remember that, you two are happy now in what you are doing. When you have kids, love them  but don’t forget each other   at least once a week  Date one another like you were still single.  Kids with babysitter and just the two of you. One day the kids will be grown and gone.  You will need to know how to still be a couple  when the kids don’t need you any more”

   We spent a lot of time with the kids as they grew up, Now they have familes of their own. I treasure any time I get to be with my kids and grandkids.   But when they are not around I still have  MY BEST FRIEND.  I don’t remember the man’s name  but have heard his words for 44 years