Date: 11/21/06 15:04:34


Subject: a special family story


Dear Ray and Peggy,


The following is one of my favorite family stories about Jimmy and Dottie.  I hope you will choose to use it on your web site.  When I get down in the dumps a little, I enjoy visiting your web site.  It is really special to me.  Much love, Naomi



                                                                     Dottie's Special Cornbread


When I was a kid it was always special when you and your family visited me, Mama and Daddy.  Jimmy and Dottie came to see us one time before Jim was born.  Joyce and Frank lived in Talladega Springs-about 15 miles from our house.  Joyce and Jimmy were two of a kind.  I think they could talk to the wall and it would laugh  and reply.  During their visit, they went to see Joyce and Frank.  Joyce had cooked a great supper for them.  It included a southern favorite-cornbread.  Jimmy must have really enjoyed it.  I believe it made a good impression on Dottie also.


After they returned to their home from the trip, I understand that Dottie called Joyce long distance to find out how to make cornbread so she could make it for Jimmy.  Joyce was glad to give her the recipe.  Not to long after the call, Dottie made cornbread for Jimmy.


One special morning, when Jimmy got up, Dottie had made him a great BREAKFAST  that included cornbread.  Jimmy had it rough.  I certainly didn't want to hurt Dottie's feelings after she had made such a great effort to please him---but, still, he had to make a choice, telling Dottie that cornbread was usually a bread for lunch, dinner or supper---I'm not sure what he chose to do.  But, I believe he told Dottie that cornbread was not a breakfast bread--and then enjoyed eating it because his special Dottie had made it for him.


Can anyone complete this story?


If you choose to use this story--please include my email address.  I would love to hear from my family.