Teri was about 12 years and one of here girlfriends was going to Alabama. I allowed teri to go also.  This was a rural area and the family had Rabbitts. Teri loved the Rabbits and asked me if she could have one.  I had to tell her no  we lived in the city and rabbits was not allowed.        Teri came home and I heard about the sweet little rabbits several times.  One day my Mom (she lived with us) was grocery shopping  and in the frozen food dept. was frozen Rabbit.    Yea I Did!!     Brought the rabbit home and handed it to Teri and said  got your Rabbit”     needless to say  NOT FUNNY           Well a couple of weeks went by and I came home from work one night, everyone  at the table eating. I sat down and said  “what’s this”     Mom said “Chicken, just shut up and eat it”   Teri and Cat picked up on that right away and headed for the bathroom  spitting out as much as possible.    Needless to say  NOT FUNNY    ahh yea it was