††† The dentist said I needed false teeth upper and lower plates

They would first pull all my back teeth on one visit and a week later pull the front teeth

I went in to the office to get my back teeth pulled.I was given gas to put me to sleep. The rest of the story was told to me††† I donít remember

††††† The dentist needed the chair I was in and I was still under the gas , so he had a couple of interns get me up wrapped around their shoulders and haul me to a chair in a recovery room.†† Well I woke up still under the effects of the gas and not knowing what was happening. I assumed I was drunk in a bar was why I was wrapped around two guys shoulder and started having a good time. Singing and talking loudly. They got Peggy from the waiting room to calm me down†† I told her to get away from methat I was married and wanted nothing to do with her. I said I was going home to my wife.

Peggy finally got me under control and walked me out pasted everyone in the waiting room. Peggy was very embarrassed but happy with what I said.†††† The next week they pulled the front teeth and I was left sitting in thedentist chair.†† When I woke up and knew where I was††† I asked for a mirror††† no problem