Peggy and I had a kingsize waterbed and that bed slept nice.    One night I woke up with a strange feeling between my legs. I was soaking wet and  the back of my underwear was wet and it was 2:00 in the morning. Fear struck me   had I wet the bed!  This had never happened before.  I lay there in fear as I became more awake and more aware of the moisture . I slapped Peggy on the butt and told her to get out of bed,  I pulled the covers and the sheet off .   looking real close I found three pinholes all close together  on Peggy’s side.  I asked her why there was pinholes in the bed     She thought and confessed.  She had been sewing and  Guess? Where she was sticking the needle when not using it.  I patched the holes at 2am    very relived that I had not wet the bed   we went back to sleep